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On our videopage all abuses during the international transportations, which take days, are amplified. Animals like sheep are transported from England to for example Greece, where they are slaughtered without anaesthesia. Horses and donkeys from Lithuania are slaughtered in Italy. Pigs from Holland are also transported to foreign countries, f.e. to northern Italy to get slaughtered there for the sole fact that by doing so their meat returns on the Dutch market under the culinary qualification "Parma Ham".

To prevent these animals from vomiting in the trucks, the animals often don't get any food the day before they're put on transportation. The animals are chased from the dark stables to the truck, in a very rough manner. Even before the journey is started, the animals are very upset. Mostly in the southern European countries, animals are slaughtered without anaesthesia or with an insufficient one. But also in the slaughterhouses in Holland many chickens meet this fate. Also the ritual slaughtering by Muslims are often without anaesthesia, which causes the animals to suffer.

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