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Humans and horses have shared a unique bond at least since the beginning of recorded history. In fact, horses are among only a select few species to have become domesticated—a process that gave the horse protection from danger as well as food for survival. In return, humans gained a means of traveling faster than ever before. Even today, horses remain the subject of myth and ritual. They have been romanticized as warriors, heroes, status symbols, and religious icons. They represent everything from life energy and superhuman power to magic, freedom, and transformation. The way we associate horses with speed and power Horses for Health is still reflected in the names of many popular automobiles: Bronco, Mustang, and Colt, to name just a few. Despite the fact that the horse is, by nature, a relatively timid animal, captured and tamed by humans, most of us still view horses as allpowerful and mysterious. It’s the dual nature of the horse—at once large, strong, and a bit wild, yet gentle enough to allow a puny human to perch upon its back—that sets it apart from other animals.

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